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We are builders of website solutions.

About Us

At Assentia, we are seeing the Internet is growing further and faster than anyone imagined.  Since the early 2000's, Assentia has immersed itself into building online projects and businesses. Wow what a journey! We have developed websites throughout the World over this time and continue to take on a global focus connecting products with people.

We build businesses. Assentia is specialised and invests more than time into projects. We like to impart knowledge that we have found during our years in the industry with our customers as we have seen a lot, successes and failures and yes we have even developed some lemons in-house too!

What can this do for you? It can help to give an insight on where customers have been successful and how they have been successful. Markets are all different and complex, we embrace that.


Why Choose Use

One thing that we have found in our time is that one platform is not suitable for all projects and budgets. With this in mind we build with flexibility whilst ensuring compatibility backwards and forwards.  By developing this way it is empowering the customers outcome by creating a best of breed solution.

The projects built by Assentia cover a wide range of vertical marketplaces from commercial to retail through to industrial, each with unique challenges requiring different mindsets to deliver successful outcomes.

Our commitment is to deliver on our promise. With proper planning, the implementation phase on the projects delivered by Assentia run smoothly to the timetable proposed and on budget. Our communication is first and foremost where if there are issues, these can be tracked online through our job tracking software until resolved. Customer service is a key element to our work ethos at Assentia.


Business Development100%

Customer Focus100%

Solution Delivery100%

Work to Live100%

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Team Member

I pause occasionally and ponder how one company is going that in 1995 said to me, "The Internet is a fad son, get a real job!".

A whoops moment, a Balmain apartment was offered to me for $160K in 2001 - I said that's too much... face palm!

Bruce Richardson

Managing Director

Rebecca Foster

Struggling to find a photo that doesn't have a wine glass in it!

Rebecca Foster

Marketing & Sales

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I'm here for my brains

Steve Lee

Operations Manager