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At Assentia, we build online businesses!

What we can do for you

Your dedicated account manager will coordinate with designers, developers & marketers working together to create engaging online experiences helping to achieve your companies goals.


We can work to a brief to deliver an outcome that is engaging whilst keeping the structure minimal for less experienced online users.

Search Engines

Assentia can help to restructure websites to make them search engine friendly whilst developing content to improve organic listings.

Site Audit

Assentia can audit your companies website and pinpoint exactly which part can be improved to help your brand grow online.


Monthly reports that have real meaning showing trends, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses.

We are not another website development company ...

Numbers are not our game! We work with companies where we can add value to develop online businesses who look for short and long term goals. Assentia can provide dedicated experienced professionals and utilise market leading tools to help to manage online processes to make businesses more successful.

Assentia also builds and invests in companies with new online business models helping them to take the product market.

About Assentia
Structure 80%
Opportunities 90%
Delivery 100%

Our Customers

What we offer

Each staff member has been working in the Internet industry for a minimum of 10 years. A little older and more experienced from a diverse background that understand deadlines.

  • Listen

    We take the time to listen to the company objectives and desired outcomes.

  • Understand

    Assentia ensure total understanding of the outcome required before researching a solution.

  • Research

    Comprehensive research is undertaken to ensure the most suitable solution is tabled.

  • Plan

    Develop a plan for the website inline with the company strategy. Documented with details of delivery.

  • Manage

    An implementation schedule is paramount to ensure minimal interruption to the business.

  • Execute

    We implement updates seamlessly at the best time of day for your business.

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